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Warranty and Returns Management

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Warranty & Returns Management enables the visibility and flexibility to react to customer claims in a timely and efficient manner. This totally integrated process supports warranty validation, claims tracking, cost analysis, vendor recovery, inventory management, defective product reporting and product improvement.


Improving Customer Service
  •  Complaint management and tracking
  •  Improve product quality

  • Lowering Working Capital
  •  Fewer returns, more efficient process

  • Reducing Operating Costs & Increasing Efficiency
  •  Reduce product returns

  • Increasing Revenue
  •  Improve customer retention and loyalty

  • Product and Warranty Registration SAP Component or Feature Available

    You use this process to create warranties in the system and to assign installed base components or individual objects to these warranties. The assignment can be performed manually, or automatically with reference to a product with warranty assignment. After registering an individual object, Internet customers in E-Service for example, receive the information about the automatically assigned customer warranty on their screen.

    Warranty Analysis SAP Component or Feature Available

    Provides information about the amount of products with or without warranty, and monitors expired warranties per Installed Base (IBase) and individual object.

    Warranty Claim Processing SAP Component or Feature Available

    Warranty Claim Processing fulfills the needs both of manufacturers, importers or vendors of complex products and their suppliers. In this business environment, the prerequisites for a right to warranty are becoming more extensive and more complex. Warranty restrictions due to the length of service or age of the product, authorization processes and comprehensivecheck mechanisms in the warranty claim make warranty claim processing in many companies a timely and costly procedure. Furthermore, due to a European legal initiative, the warranty or guarantee period for products of specific industry sectors has been extended to at least two years. The number of incoming warranty claims has, understandably, increased in the wake of this decision. Warranty Claim Processing offers you a software solution that can deal with a large number of warranty claims comfortably and, as far as possible, automatically. Only those claims that produce negative results in the automatic checks are included in manual processing. You also have a maximum amount of flexibility as regards the warranty conditions that you can define.

    Service Contract and Quotation Analysis SAP Component or Feature Available

    Monitors customer satisfaction with services performed under contracts. Identifies contract products with a high net value and gives an overview of the value and volume of active service contracts. Shows which particular contracts the service employees are responsible for.

    Service Contract Processing SAP Component or Feature Available

    You use this process to create a service contract that can be used later on as a basis for service processes.

    Billing SAP Component or Feature Available

    You use this business process in order to create customer invoices in SAP CRM. Here, one or more than one billing due list item is copied into a billing document. You can either create the billing document with reference to the delivery, or to the sales order. It is also possible to create billing documents with reference to contracts. You make the necessary setting in Customizing. The following describes delivery-related billing.

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